Hollen Groff

Hometown: Endwell, NY
Current town: Burlington, VT
Education: Clarkson University – Engineering & Management ’07, MBA – Supply Chain ‘11

An avid car enthusiast who’s passion started with tinkering in the garage and helping his father with oil changes grew into a hobby while at Clarkson University where he founded the Clarkson Sports Car Club with three roommates. Hollen began working on other’s cars as the Club’s President and soon acquired a 2005 Subaru Legacy GT which he spent years modifying and tinkering with up to a staggering 550 all-wheel horsepower. In the spring of 2010 while crewing for the Gotti Racing Subaru Rally Team (http://gottiracing.com) of Matt Gottlieb (Hollen’s college roommate) and Austin Gager Hollen realized his passion extended beyond assisting with rallies and crewing for other teams – there was a passion to be in the driver’s seat. Knowing of an older Audi that had been laying in rest in a garage in northern Vermont he made a call that night and agreed to buy the 1989 Audi 90 that he currently races.

ReEngineered Crew

Allison Loef
Allison is a great communicator, proud member of the United States Air Force, and yep, sits in our silly seat.
Casey O’Hara
Crew Chief
Vintage Audi Mastermind, Casey keeps the car healthy and crew humored while prepping the car
Steve Brooks
Asst to the Regional Manager of the Crew
Steve keeps the car wired and the PB&J’s fresh while the car is on stage
Ian Oliver
Crew, Historical Fact Checker
Ian keeps everything lighthearded in the service area and provides a wealth of knowledge and rally history. At least half is probably hearsay.

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